About Northstar Construction   


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What is a home?
HOME, as defined in the dictionary, is an “environment offering security and happiness.” And security, as well as happiness, are big concepts. This means your builder has a lot of responsibility.
Northstar Construction cares about what you care about. We bid each project fairly and clearly. Being in business since 1992, our years of building experience in western pa and eastern Ohio helps us save our clients money by employing a top-notch building crew and dependable suppliers.



Quality is always our goal.
At Northstar Construction, we enjoy watching a house grow, from the tiniest details to the grandest features. And we want you to enjoy it too.




Customer satisfaction
Our goal at Northstar Construction is to provide you with the best quality home without the high price tag. Each and every home is constructed using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Experience, combined with a genuine love of trade, helps make each home truly remarkable and one of a kind.
Northstar Construction builds entry-level homes to executive homes, and everything in between. We have multiple floor plans to choose from or feel free to bring us your own plan. We also have an architectural software program to draw and modify plans. Your personal satisfaction is rewarding to us and we will continuously strive to achieve and exceed your expectations.




Pennsylvannia Builders Association   M.C.B.A.
National Association of Home Builders